Day 9 – Living Well Spending Zero

So I had this thing named all wrong. It’s a 31 day challenge of Living Well and Spending Zero. Ah well. So Day 9! And once again, I didn’t even look at the darn task for the day. I need to rename this challenge – 31 Days of Trying to Read the Actual Tasks of the Living Well Spending Zero challenge. Which I am utterly failing at. But, at least I’m blogging! Dear friend who suggested I blog, you’d better be reading this.

Day 9 is Cleaning Day.

It calls for cleaning your whole house including baseboards and ceiling fans. What the WHAT!!?? Umm….perhaps this challenge isn’t for people with young children. Definitely people with young twins. I cleaned my entire house this morning and it still looked crazy by 2pm. Food serves a dual purpose for Ava and Aaron. First and foremost, it is played with. Whether its squishing bananas between their fingers, tossing oats out of the canister and sloshing around in it , turning over bowls of cereal, or emptying out their juice cups – it’s all about the playing. Then they eat…but always MY food. I just try to eat when they’re not around or when they’re not looking. Last time I snuck around this much I was in high school and up to no good. This is payback.

So I didn’t do today’s challenge entirely….but did I clean? Yes. Does it count? Hecks yeah! Besides, I’m not cleaning my baseboards until the twins start school. If I have any free time at all, it will be spent in one of three locations: in front of my sewing maching, in front of my television, or in front of a book. Baseboards? Pfft.

Let’s see if I can actually get Day 10 done tomorrow. . . 





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