Days 5-8 Spending Freeze

So….um. Days 5-8 kinda went just like the title. A total blur. I didn’t even LOOK at my tasks for the day. And I definitely didn’t slow down. How is it possible that the VERY week I decided to slow down and even blog about it……I have the busiest week in sales I’ve ever had? TheTwinShop was approached by a German site that caters to twins, we got our biggest order ever, and a bunch of last minute Easter orders. Sigh. I did at least take the twins to the beach one day this week but they were terrified of the waves. As in shrieking, screaming, and sprinting AWAY from the water when I tried to get them in. Ah well.

So what did I miss? Day 5  called for eating “out” at home. As in make a restaurant copycat dish at home. Weellll, Ariel (my awesome 13 year old daughter) made tofu teriyaki with fried rice, Does that count? Yes, it does.

Day 6 called for getting a free education. More specifically, to learn something new (skill, hobby, insight) without spending a dime. Well….I taught myself how to sew for free. No it wasn’t today. It was a year and a half ago. Does that count. Yes, I think so.

Day 7 calls for reflection. Well…I don’t have time to fill out that pretty sheet that the creator of this challenge came up with (and really. fill out a sheet? who handwrites anymore?) So reflections – biggest challenge? Not eating fast food. BUT I had to once or twice or three times. Hey! I have 2 year old twins. No more explanation needed. BIggest insight? I have to plan plan plan. Its easy to mindlessly spend, especially when I’m stressed or pressed for time. Time management is key to finance management. At least for me.

Day 8 calls for Preparing to clean. I am in a perpetual state of preparing to clean. I keep the broom and dustpan next to my computer because I will use it 15 times before the day is over.  My house never actually stays clean for more than the ten minutes immediately following a major cleanup….but that’s life with five kids and twins. I think I swept oats off the floor three times (the twins LOVE pulling down the canister, dumping oats off the floor, then eating it. shudder.). I mopped two or three times. The twins LOVE dropping bananas on the floor. And turning their falsely advertised spillproof sippy cups upside down and shaking the juice out. This was all in one day. So does that count? Yes.

Well would you look at that? I managed to stick to the spending freeze challenge even though I didn’t actually look at the challenges each day. One could make the point that I didn’t really stick to the plan. And I’d tell that one to shutup. I have five kids including twins. I can get away with it.

Hope I can do day 9! Let’s see what it is…..and its…..Cleaning Day. On a Monday?!! Oh dear.





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