Day 4 – Spending Freeze

Day 4 of the spending freeze is over and I almost spent nothing.  As usual, my day didn’t go as planned and I would up in my car longer than I thought I’d be so I had to stop and get some fast food for a grand total of $3.18. One could argue that it was an essential expenditure as I was starving, and the twins needed to eat as well. That one would be me. The donut and cranberry juice later this evening wasn’t an emergency….but it was only $2.94!! And I really needed a pick me up after such a long day. So I guess that was essential too. See how rationalizing works?

Other than that, I dutifully restrained myself even though I went to the beach and it would have been PERFECT for pizza and smoothies. Instead I packed cashews, hummus, carrots, fruit and water. Much healthier, and much less tasty. But that’s not the point of the freeze!! And it felt good to eat healthy and…not spend needlessly. 

So the fourth day of this challenge calls for planning a meal swap. Uh no. I’m a little picky about my food. . . .The only person I’d want to cook for me is my bestie Jennifer Hall. But she lives in Philly, and I can’t cook anywhere as good as she does so it’d be a totally unfair exchange with her family of three, and mine of seven.

Day 5 looks like a lot of fun – stay tuned 🙂




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