Day 3 – Spending Freeze

Day 3 of the Spending Freeze calls for Brainstorming Meal Ideas. Being the listmaker and organizer that I am…..I kind of already had that done. And it’s on my Google Drive. At one point (and I hesitate to admit this)……I even had a master grocery list in a spreadsheet. Broken down my store, cost, and aisle. Alphabetized. 

Then I got a little more creative and made a menu board that I saw on Pinterest. But the kids messed with it so much it started to come apart, so I gave up. But still, I make a menu every week and generate a shopping list accordingly (that I carry on a clipboard to the store).  I am baffled when I see people in the grocery store without a list. And a cart full of groceries! How do they know what they need for the whole week?? I swear, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to go back into the store to pick up the ONE thing you forgot. Lists take care of that.

I finished Day 3 successfully and did NOT a thing. I REALLY really wanted to go out and get a smoothie since I had to work late. But I just made  a cup of tea (healthier and free!), snuggled up in my couch and finished Gone Girl. Living well, and spending less 🙂


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