Day 2 of Spending Freeze

Day 2 calls for Organizing Your Pantry. The idea is to use what you already have instead of buying more. After inventorying my pantry, this week’s menu is a hodge podge of meals including veggie chunks, beans, and possibly couscous. The hubby is a big fan of disgusting instant meals of the “add water and/or milk, then microwave and mix” variety. And he actually eats frozen dinners. That might be the worst food on earth. Right there with McDonalds or KFC. Shortly after we got married, he watched in amazement as I made mashed potatoes…from actual  potatoes. He thought they only came in a box.

Part of this 90 day slowdown is not working like crazy and contracting as much of my clothing orders as possible. So today instead of frantically running errands and rushing home to work, I dropped off my orders to my seamstress (who I’m sure is positively delighted with this development) and went to an Asian market. Instead of my usual rush, I walked around surveying foods that I will never ever eat unless I’m on a reality show that will pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so. I saw jellyfish, octopus, quail eggs and old chicken. And yes, in the freezer were bags labeled “old chicken”. Perhaps young chicken isn’t as tasty?

The twins promptly fell asleep on my way home, derailing my plans to finish grocery shopping and catch up on some fabric cutting. Instead, I sat in my parked car in the driveway for an hour, took a short nap, and read a few chapters of Gone Girl.  I used to wake the twins up, but I’ve learned the hard way that there are only a few things in life worse than dealing with sleep deprived 2 year olds. So I look at my schedule for the day and do triage since I lost an hour. Seems like a small amount of time, but like interest, it compounds, and before I know it, the weekend is here and I still haven’t gotten the laundry done, returned phone calls, or cleaned my bathroom.

So Day 2 is through, and I survived without Starbucks or Amazon, my two biggest vices. Let’s see what Day 3 brings!






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