Morning 1 of spending freeze

I’m slowing way down for the next 90 days and for the next 31 days I’m on a spending freeze. Hence, the cleverly titled….90dayslowdown. Real creative, huh?

I have been working so much that my dad said I looked older than my 92 year old grandmother. While I don’t THINK this is true, it concerned me. I also watched the movie About Time (which truly is cleverly titled) about a man that can time traveI. And long story short, he lives to the fullest and enjoys every moment. There’s a lot more that goes into it, but trust me, it’s a great flick.

I was very excited last night about this new plan, and today I’m a little nervous. I’m very good at starting big and even better and quitting small. Usually within a few weeks. Don’t judge me!

However, I REALLY want to do this, and I know that writing things helps it get done. Sharing it helps with accountabilty. Plus my friend Eugene has been telling me to blog so I know I have at least one reader. And maybe my friend Kelly since I wrote on her blog. And maybe the other three members of my book club because…well they like reading. But if no one ever reads this, which is very likely going to be the case, I just like writing. And I like being able to go back and see how my life and how my thinking has changed.

Anyhoos, this is the plan I’m following for the spending freeze for 31 days. Its part of an overall 90 day slowdown. For 90 days I’m going to do something that is a HUGE HUGE HUGE leap for me, but I can’t say what yet. It involves me slowing down and spending more time with the family, but that’s not the exciting part. At the end of the 90 days, I’ll share the results.

Now I’ve got to actually get some work done as the twins are gone for the day, and that almost NEVER happens.  . . .









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